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The first time that the Breitling Navitimer Replica introduced was in the 1940’s, the inspirational brand answered the demands of the aviation industry, and made a circular slide rule to their watches. This became the model we recognize today as the Navitimer – a true pilot’s watch. Like some other luxury brands, Breitling watches also have a relationship with NASA. In the 1960’s an astronaut from the Mercury space program asked that this Swiss company create a 24-hour dial, instead of the usual 12 hours, because there are no days or nights in orbit.

The Navitimer line is representative of all the prestige this brand stands for – a set of replica watches based on the precision designs of this Swiss manufacturer. This line is precisely modeled on the original collection, which is world-renowned as a set of aviator’s wristwatches. We consider this Breitling Replica to be one of our top replica watches.


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