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If you are looking to buy best Rolex super clone watches online then you are at the correct place. We are helping customers find the best Rolex super clone watches from a very long time now and we have a lot of experience in this field. When we started selling Rolex Swiss replica watches online, way back in 2008, the quality what we used to sell was not that great. Comparing to the high end 1:1 super clone watches that we manufacture as of today, those cheap quality replicas looked like trash. Looking at those cheap fake Rolex watches, any Swiss watch enthusiast or passionate watch collector would easily tell by just looking at it from a distance that they are not real Rolex watches. But at that time the AAA grade Rolex replica watches were the only quality that was available for the customers to buy. The problem in these watches was that these AAA Rolex replica watches were not that great in quality and could not be considered in the category of exact 1:1 replica watches. If anybody would compare those with the real ones, they would be able to find huge differences.
And that is why there was a need to improve the manufacturing processes and therefore increasing the quality to the level where the Rolex clone watches shall match the real ones in all aspects. And the first step moving forward in this direction was to improve upon the movement inside that powers the automatic watch. So, moving forward in the year 2014, we improved the quality a bit further by making the Rolex clone watches in 316L steel that was more resistant to corrosion and heavier in weight than the earlier quality of steel and we started using Swiss ETA movements inside our Rolex clone watches. These branded Swiss ETA automatic movements were more reliable than the earlier local automatic movements. But still they were not even close to how the real Rolex Swiss movements look like, and that was our next step. We wanted to make a very high end exact 1:1 Rolex super clone watch which has a real working Swiss clone movement that should look, feel and perform like the real.

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